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All our dog walkers & carers have years of experience with dogs.

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I'm Ian and I grew up with dogs - all sorts and sizes. Now our house is over run with children and Working Cocker Spaniels (two of each) plus three cats, four chickens and a hamster! I've lived around Cheltenham and Tewkesbury for most of my life and have always enjoyed finding new and interesting places to walk - be it down by the river, through woods and fields or up and over the hills. Without doubt we're spoilt around here. I love working and training the dogs too and with my 18 month old spaniel Paddy we are slowly making our way through our gun dog certificates. Outside of the dogs my other passion is yoga and I have taught ashtanga yoga classes in Cheltenham (the strong dynamic kind) for nearly ten years.

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My name is Lisa and I'm married to Ian. I grew up in Cheltenham with a lovely Labrador called Patch and several little terriers and just can't imagine not having a dog around. Now we have two cocker spaniels, the younger one is my pet project - he's still only very little but I love the puppy training and watching the light go on as they work out what you're looking for. I also do most of the puppy visits for Our Dog Walkers - some simple fun training, a little fuss and a play. Our two children Sam and Joseph are 12 and 9 and keep me busy outside the dog walking hours.

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I’m Philip, am married with three children and a Labrador called Yola. I grew up in the Cotswolds and started walking dogs for pocket money at the age of twelve. 50p per walk was a lot in those days! My clients included a Staffy, Cavalier King Charles, Beagle and a horse (yes, I rode the horse). When not dog walking I was on a farm accompanied either by a Beagle or Labrador or out flying a Harris Hawk. I then worked in outback Australia sharing my home with a huge Great Dane and a boisterous Kelpie, appropriately called ‘Buster’, before moving to a New Zealand sheep farm where willing Collies saved my legs by rounding up the sheep on the not so little hills.

Now I walk dogs on the hills above Cheltenham or beside the river in Tewkesbury, help find homes for dogs in rescue and when I get some free time, still ride horses or a motorbike providing volunteer assistance to the local advanced motorcyclists group.

Lisa A

As a professional dog trainer, dog walker & dog owner of many years, I live, eat and breathe dogs. I currently own six working English Springer Spaniels, most of which I work as gundogs. I have been teaching Puppy and Adult classes for nearly 20 years, right from young puppies out on their first tentative steps into the big wide world through to dogs from rescue with all sort of problems; in that time the number of dogs I have trained is well into four figures. Understanding dogs is my passion, and I can truly say that every dog is different and that I learn something from every dog I come across.

As I am a trainer first and foremost, the walks usually involve a little training, to ensure the walk is rewarding and exciting - treats involved of course! I can also walk difficult/problem dogs, and recall and pulling on the lead are my specialities.


I'm Georgie, I live with my boyfriend, three dogs and a tortoise. I have a lovely old German Shepherd called Scrumpy who is a big softie, a twelve year old rescue Greyhound called Ebony who has the funniest smile ever and a new addition called Frank. We decided to be dog fosterers last year and Frank, a Saluki/Greyhound, was just meant to come to us for a day to get him out of the kennels as he was losing too much weight and was very unhappy. He was our first foster dog. After two hours we had decided we'd better keep him and we were officially named the worst fosterers ever. Walking and having other people's dogs board with us is the perfect way to stop us collecting more!

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